Sophia Ott – How Has Yoga Changed My Life?

Sophia Ott – Miami, FL
Once upon a time, I was a defensive angry person buried under a cheerful sunshine-y exterior. My rampant need for control and striving for perfection protected me from any perceived vulnerability due to growing up with domestic violence and emotional and physical abuse.
By the time yoga entered my life, through a repetitive stress injury, I had gone through a year of psychotherapy, as well as experienced many moments of grace through my relationships and spiritual faith. Yoga was at first a physical exercise that eventually transformed me inside out. I became increasingly aware of my internal anxiety and the deep terrifying fears that drove me. I was repeatedly challenged to work hard, yet simultaneously Let Go. Yoga became an act of worship and surrender.
By grace with authority over my scars, the Still Small Voice of God spoke to me frequently on my mat the powerful Truths of Love, Healing, Acceptance, and Identity. My brain and nervous system were reset and rewired through the decade of consistent practice. I can now tolerate a greater degree of ambiguity, challenge, disappointment, and most surprisingly deep authentic exhilaration. My past is steadily relinquishing its unhealthy grip and I am able to tolerate imperfection, chaos, and the unknown without my old ways of turning to anger, control, and perfectionism.
Yoga has healed me from various physical injuries, but more importantly, it has freed me from the deep emotional scars of childhood. Yoga has released me to become who I am meant to be: joyfully grounded moving purposefully through my life with freedom, love, and grace.