Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year

January 1st is the western world’s collective day of beginning again. Whether we practice the annual tradition of sweeping our door steps (out with the old and in with the new), completing unfinished projects before the stroke of midnight on the 31st or setting new year’s intentions, the research is in: the support of others working towards similar goals tends to take us further than going alone.

It is why Breathe Together Yoga exists. And it’s what I learned about the power of our studio, particularly after adding “together” to the name last year. In the company of other intelligent, dedicated people of all ages and all walks of life, we practice regularly. It’s why BTY runs retreats to a variety of destinations around the world, so that we can individually dive deeply into our practice with other like minded people, strengthen our relationships, and widen the window through which we see our human family. It’s why we offer so many opportunities to learn through a huge schedule of classes, weekend workshops, teacher trainings and intensives.

The sage, Patanjali, is credited with creating the practice of yoga. He also wrote the Yoga Sutras which is the culmination of a long tradition of philosophies and teachings. The first sutra, 1.1, reads “Atha yoganushasanam,” or “Now begins the study of yoga.” Atha, meaning now, is key to what it means to practice.

In the very first sutra, Patanjali reminds us to be present, to wake up.

While there are a wide variety of benefits of practicing yoga, all of which are completely valid, ultimately, early writings indicate that yoga is dedicated to studying through our mind, breath and body the moment of now. The past is done; the future is yet to be realized. We know, and often forget, that it is only in this moment can we act. Practice is essential. It is the act of waking ourselves up again and again.

Whether you are contemplating beginning a yoga practice, or committing to more time on the mat or the cushion, or broadening your knowledge, we are here to support you in realizing what you are truly capable of, widening your sphere of relationships, and making the world around you a better place. There is nothing else we’d rather be doing. And now is the time!

I’ll be participating in the sixty day challenge this year. I hope you’ll join me. I look forward to practicing together on the mat! And the happiest of New Years to you!


Jennifer and Everyone at BTY