Workplace Yoga

Want to bring the health and well-being benefits of yoga to your company and employees? We offer several easy and inexpensive ways for you to do this!

  1. One day or weekend workshops for your staff. We work with private and public companies and medical facilities to provide one day or weekend workshops in our facility that center around health and wellness and team building as well as create ongoing programs for your employees or colleagues.
  2. Memberships for your employees, staff or patients. This is a great way for you to provide a low-cost, high-impact benefit to your employees or patients. We are working with several local companies and are also currently in partnership with El Camino Hospital to provide affordable for their entire staff and patients
  • Non-subsidized memberships: a group membership in which the employee pays the monthly fee, but receives a discounted price offered through the corporation
  • Subsidized corporate memberships: the corporation agrees to pay a percentage of the employees monthly fee.
  • Drop-in billing: your employees sign in on a separate designated sign in sheet that we bill the company for monthly at our drop-in rate.

Contact us about how we can help your employees be more productive, centered and healthy.

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Breathe Together is a proud partner of El Camino hospital. We know that yoga helps people who haven’t been active for a while or for people who have various health conditions. Yoga increases strength and flexibility as well as improves focus and mental clarity. El Camino recommends yoga to improve poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, limited mobility, lower back pain, difficulty breathing, headaches, tension or stress, and depression.