200 Hour – How It Works

JOY of Yoga 200 Hour Training

The JOY program represents both Western medical approaches and alternative methods to health and well being, providing knowledge and insight into both the workings of the human body and the nature of mind. This program balances an understanding of the roots of yoga with innovative applications of yoga and mindfulness in contemporary culture. Since the creation of the JOY of Yoga Teacher Training in 2006, this program has been offered locally, nationally, and internationally.

The training is run by Jennifer Prugh and Noell Clark, both of whom have extensive background in running trainings and who have devoted their lives to yoga. Jennifer and Noell bring their individual and unique areas of expertise to this program; joining science, art, philosophy, and practice seamlessly to form a well rounded and holistic program.

The JOY training has two phases, a 100 hour course in “Foundations” and a 100 hour course in “Dynamics.” Each course takes place over ten consecutive days. Both 100 hour trainings must be taken to complete the JOY 200 Hour certification and be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

This program will equip you with the skills to teach professionally. You may also take the JOY training for personal development. You will leave this program equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to live a conscious and inspired life. The hours we spend together lead you to RYT 200-Yoga Alliance Certification.

JOY of Yoga Curriculum

Phase 1: Foundations

Deepen your understanding of the vast tradition of yoga with the Foundations program. The program consists of:

  • Science of asana; postures and alignment
  • Western anatomy and subtle anatomy (Noell Clark and Jennifer Prugh)
  • History of yoga and yoga philosophy (Matthew Hahn)
  • Evolution, cross-pollination, and varieties of yoga
  • Breathing practices (pranayama)
  • Meditation
  • Sanskrit pronunciation

Phase 2: Dynamics

The Dynamics program explores the fundamentals of teaching, building the practical skill set necessary to instruct yoga safely, efficiently, and effectively. In this course we address these topics:

  • History of modern yoga
  • Principles of sequencing
  • Principles of assisting
  • Teaching techniques: methodology and reading bodies
  • Developing your voice and utilizing language
  • Pre and post natal practice adaptations
  • Trauma informed teaching methods
  • The psychology and ethics of teaching
  • The business of yoga

Free Classes

During each 100 hour training, as well as the time between your trainings, all of the classes you take at Breathe Together are free.