Frequently Asked Questions

The 200 hour and 300 hour objectives of the JOY of Yoga program are distinct. The 200 hour program, comprised of two 100 hour immersions (Foundations and Dynamics), provides you with the chance to immerse yourself in learning with a group of students who will become good friends and helpful study and practice partners.

While the 200 hour program is spent with Jennifer Prugh and visiting faculty, the 300 hour program is comprised of intensives. Some intensives may be 100 hours spread out over six months while others are fifteen hours over one weekend. The JOY 300 assumes that you are prepared to direct your focus toward the areas of yoga that you are most passionate about. Our 300 hour program provides a pathway to teaching by offering opportunities to teach at Breathe Together while you are in the program. It offers a mentorship program so you can study more deeply with selected faculty at our studio who specialize in the areas you care about. Both the 200 and 300 hour programs feature experienced reputable faculty from around the world, the highest caliber of teachers, practitioners and scholars, and opportunities to practice in a supportive environment where you can learn and grow. Both programs also have a limited number of spaces available to insure that the quality of learning remains effective.

The questions below are designed to bring clarity to your decision making process. If you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to contact

JOY 200 Hour FAQ's

  1. Are there any other costs other than tuition?

    No. Additionally, classes are free for the duration of each 100 hour ten day immersion.

  2. What are the credentials of this program?

    Jennifer Prugh spent nearly ten years as an associate professor, curriculum development coordinator, and three years as a Faculty Senate president at an engineering college in Silicon Valley. She has a strong background in developing curriculum of the highest caliber, as is evidenced in the faculty in her program, many of whom left business or engineering n order to teach yoga. The teachers that come to Breathe from other states and countries are at the highest level of achievement in their respective fields. This program works with a team of medical doctors and healthcare professionals who regularly offer workshops on areas that impact the way that yoga is implemented.

    Trainings throughout the nation radically vary in regards to what is required to be certified. It is important to do your research. The JOY of Yoga training is a registered school with Yoga Alliance.

  3. Are there tests?

    Yes, there are tests, but only if you wish to be certified. At the 200 hour level, you’ll take a Sanskrit test, an anatomy test, you will teach a class to your peers from start to finish and you’ll submit the entire class in writing. Rest assured that when you finish the training, you’ll leave with the confidence that you are ready to teach.

  4. Is there a limit to class size?

    Enrollment on our 200 hour modules is capped. Both 100 hour modules are capped at 22 students. This way, we’ll all know each other well and Jennifer will be able to closely track your progress.

  5. Do you have feedback from other people who have been in your training?

    You can find feedback from past graduates here.

  6. What are the benefits of taking a 10 day intensive vs a six month, weekend immersion for the 100 hour programs?

    The advantage of an intensive, is you will receive a ten day long experience where each day builds upon the next. You will watch yourself grow exponentially, creating a foundation for later learning that you’ll have with you for the rest of your life. The advantage of the 300 hour intensives is that once you’ve received the foundation material, you can broaden your knowledge and experience in smaller, more digestible components.

  7. How does Joy of Yoga differentiate itself from other programs?

    Jennifer Prugh has offered teacher training locally, nationally, and internationally since 2007. A serious yoga practitioner since 1989, she has traveled to India, the birthplace of yoga, eight times since 2007. Extensively experienced working with people of all ages, level of health and ability, Jennifer is the owner of Breathe Los Gatos. This allows for observation of teacher/student dynamics, assisting and taking classes with multiple teachers. She also is able to invite international teachers to the studio as well as take groups abroad and lead trainings in Bali, Nepal or India. In addition, there is a path for those who would like to teach while participating in the 300 hour program. With nearly ten years in higher education, 25 years as a yoga practitioner, and fifteen years teaching yoga, essentially Jennifer has created a yoga school that addresses health and will being at every level.

JOY 300 Hour FAQ's

  1. Can I take intensives or workshops if I am not enrolled in the 300 program?

    Yes, you may. But they will not count towards your 300 hour program until you are officially enrolled.

    Is there any time limit to start or complete the training? This program is open for rolling enrollment. You may join any time. We recommend no more than three years to complete the program. Most students complete the program in a year and a half.

  2. Do I have to apply before I take my first intensive or workshop?

    If you plan on doing the training, it is best because that way you will receive credit for those intensives or workshops. But you can also simply attend them to enhance your learning before you apply for the 300 Hour program.

  3. Is there credit for taking workshops at other studios?

    Occasionally. If what you need to learn to develop your specialization is not something that we are offering at the studio, please contact Jennifer before you take the workshop to discuss.

  4. What if I don’t know what my specialization is going to be when I begin the training?

    You don’t need to know what it is going to be when you begin. That will all work itself out in the process of the educational experience.