Workshops & Cleanses



We offer regular classes and workshops by renowned Bay Area Ayurvedic and raw food chefs who are passionate about delicious healthy organic food. Our workshop offerings include making delicious desserts, nutrition classes, preparing easy healthy meals for your family, eating seasonally, shopping locally, greening your kitchen,  organic gardening, and of course, steeping a great pot of tea.


Re-set your metabolism, release toxic build up, stimulate weight loss and feel amazing through our 8 day, food-based cleanse offered two times a year.  We offer two Ayurvedic cleanses that are a week long, one in spring and one in the fall, traditionally the most productive time to cleanse. Based in Ayurvedic wisdom and modern nutrition principles, this effective cleanse program gets you in touch with your body and your eating habits while helping you to release all that you no longer need. The intention is to help you move your life forward with health, ease and grace. The well-organized manual and easy recipes can be utilized over and over again. You won’t go hungry – you will feel great! Our cleanses are lead by Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners, nutritionists, chefs and yoga teachers at Breathe Together.