Apply for Employment at Breathe

  • Are you interested in a part-time position as front desk staff at Breathe Together or as a barista at the Mandala Tea House? Please look over the brief job descriptions, fill out the form below, and we will get back to you. Thank you for your interest!

    Front Desk
    Our studio relies on your integrity and good judgment to observe all ethical, professional and legal codes and standards, as well as sound business practices. You are expected to responsibly carry out your work at all times to the best of your ability. You are expected to use good judgment, moral character and common sense. Our team is highly invested in our core mission of creating community around mindful living.

    MTH Barista
    The Mandala Tea House is a smoothie bar and cafe within Breathe Together. As a barista, you will prepare organic teas, coffees, chai, and smoothies for our guests and students. A cheerful and attentive disposition as well as a mindful and detailed approach to customer service are required. A passion for and experience with preparing wholesome and healthy foods/drinks is a plus.