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When we said that Breathe Together offers yoga for everyone, we mean what we say. The practice of yoga was made to address every kind of body at every age and circumstance of life. We would be happy to work with you to determine the optimal classes for your body, lifestyle and time constraints. We recognize that to have a sustainable practice requires the ability to recognize what kind of practice best suits your body on any given day. Some days your practice may be vigorous and challenging while at other times, it may offer you a refuge into calm and stillness. What all of our classes have in common is the emphasis on the power of the breath to guide the way in which you practice on your mat and move through your life when you are off your mat. We offer classes for beginners, introductory flow-based classes, culminating in vinyasa and power. We have classes that emphasize form and alignment, some in a temperate room, some in a hot room, like Tapas designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. We offer the opportunity to restore your body and mind through such classes at yin, gentle yoga, restorative yoga and breath and meditation.

Please note our 5 minute late policy: Please note that signing up for a class online secures your spot (as long as you arrive to the class at least 10 minutes early) and also helps ease your check-in process. 5 minutes after a class begins, for the sake of every student in the class, students will not be permitted to enter the class. This ensures an environment in which everyone is ultimately supported. Thanks.