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Sina Siar – How Has Yoga Changed My Life?

“Yoga has saved my life. It has enabled me to learn about my body energetics and be able to operate fully as a human being. It has enabled me to connect to the Mother Earth energy and harness the Divine Kundalini Shakti. Around this time in 2012, I was disabled due to severe lower back pain and […]

Daniella Cotreau – How Has Yoga Changed My Life?

Daniella Cotreau – Massachusetts “Yoga is always changing my life. It gives me the tools to move through life’s challenges with more ease and grace. It teaches me it’s not about waiting for life to get better, it’s about getting better at life. It has healed my body, it has Healed my heart, it has […]

Allison Birdsall – How Has Yoga Changed My Life?

Allison Birdsall – San Francisco, CA Not only has yoga transformed my bodymind, but it healed my tired soul.  From a fatigued, sickly teen into an energetic healthy mom, I have come a long way.  The practice found me when I was a teenager.  The first class I took was a huge revelation for me.  […]