Beverly Bachoo

Beverly started her journey with yoga here in the Bay Area. Growing up in San Diego, she moved up to Los Gatos, CA for love and discovered more changes were in store for her. With a background in business consulting and a budding focus on wellness in the workplace, she found herself drawn to Ayurveda (India’s traditional medical system) at the California College of Ayurveda. She graduated from their program with multiple credentials and opened her own practice, specializing in Ayurvedic Analysis, Ayurvedic nutrition, and detoxification (PanchaKarma). Yoga became a very real part of her life with the establishment of Breathe Together. Through dedicated practice, she explored the many class offerings at Breathe Together and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Jennifer Prugh in 2013. She found her love of yoga in the styles that brought the elements into focus, such as Flying Lotus (air), Floating Lotus (water), and Yin (earth). Her passion deepens as she continues her journey building on the Vinyasa-style of flow looking forward to helping others build strength in their journey with yoga.