Elias Anderson

Elias Anderson’s yoga introduction came at a very young age when his mom, a yoga teacher, and dad would teach him the importance of yoga and meditation. Elias is currently enrolled in Jennifer Prugh’s 200 Hour teacher training. He enjoys many forms of yoga, but you’ll most likely see him in a Hot Tapas or vinyasa/flow class. Elias’ favorite part of his yoga practice are inversions, arm balances, and of course, savasana. When he’s not on his yoga mat, he’s on the grappling mats at his family’s martial arts training facility in San Jose. There Elias teaches kids and adults the importance of Jiu Jitsu and self-defense. Elias’ true passion lies in martial arts. His martial arts journey also began at a very young age when he started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of his father, Lowell Anderson. Along with Jiu Jitsu he also practices many disciplines of martial arts that include wrestling, Muay Thai, and boxing. He says that yoga is absolutely essential to his martial arts practice. Outside of yoga and martial arts, Elias enjoys being outdoors. Raised part of his life in Sun Valley, Idaho and Lake Tahoe, Nevada, he would spend most of his days outside. He loves the cold weather and misses the snow. Here in California, he finds joy and tranquility in camping, surfing, and semi-extreme cliff jumping. His favorite food by far is a breakfast burrito with extra extra avocado.

Above all, Elias is a family man and the oldest brother of his five siblings. He is a determined individual who is constantly working towards his goals.