Gideon Enz


Dr. Gideon Enz has been practicing yoga, taiji, qigong, and meditation for the past twenty years. He is set apart from other teachers by his expertise in distilling the essential elements of martial, medical, and spiritual training into practical and easy to understand techniques.  Teaching students how to seamlessly blend these three elements – the common foundation for the world’s most ancient traditions – into a modern practice of personal cultivation is the theme and focus of Gideon’s work.Working from a deep understanding of the integration of body, breath, and mind, Gideon blends expert coaching in practical techniques with a relaxed teaching style that mixes ancient tradition with modern technique and flow. Classes often mix conventional postures with strength drills, partner work, visualization and meditation techniques, and light-hearted explanations that enrich the students’ understanding of how stillness and movement work together.

He supports Gardner Family Health Care and Casa do Zezhinhos.