Liisa Pullinen

Front Desk Fairy Liisa Pullinen can be found smiling at the front desk welcoming students to the sanctuary of Breathe Together. Her yoga journey began primarily as a home practice until she was introduced to Breathe Together by another member of our community, where her love for yoga quickly progressed. Liisa is a true animal lover and has created an urban farm of sorts in downtown San Jose where she lives. Affectionately named Hollywood Farms, Liisa and her partner currently care for 3 dogs, Sir Cattington Fancy the kitty, 5 ducks, 6 chickens, a ball python named Baby, “one or two” turtles, a pond full of koi, and a garden of delicious produce. A Bay Area native, she is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology at San Jose State University with the hopes of combining her passion for psychology and yoga in the form of yoga therapy. Liisa spends what free time she has traveling as far and wide as she can, experiencing all that life has to offer and using the world as backdrop for her asana practice. She is also pursuing her first 200 Hour certification.