Lindsey Kolb

Lindsey began practicing yoga more than 11 years ago when she was searching for a way to have a healthier connection to her body and mind. What began as a method of relaxation, turned into a journey of self discovery that encompassed mindfulness and fitness. In her practice Lindsey found better body alignment, reduction in stress, and a passion for helping people feel the same. As a practitioner and an instructor, Lindsey blends several styles of yoga including Yin, Restorative, Gentle flow, Qigong, and alignment-based Hatha. A common theme across all the styles that Lindsey teaches is aligning to the body, not the posture. Further, she believes in focusing upon breathing for the purpose of unifying body and mind to alter an individual’s energy. Aligning body with breath yields positive results on a person’s frame of mind, leaving the practitioner relaxed and empowered to face the challenges of the day. Lindsey believes in making yoga an accessible and enriching experience for all people; working with a broad range of ages and levels, from teenage beginners to daily practitioners and seniors.