Mark Tanaka

Mark Tanaka has been studying and practicing various approaches to the art of yoga for 14 years. His background includes studies and practice in Indian and Taoist yoga. Mark has studied nutrition, acupressure, massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, yoga philosophy, Chinese Medicine principles and Ayurvedic principles with many teachers and draws upon his wide spectrum of studies to support his students in realizing their goals. Mark’s multidisciplinary studies have been motivated by a hunger for knowledge that helps us heal and experience our wholeness.  At this point in his teaching career Mark is committed to not just giving his students a workout but educating his students on the useful skills and understanding of principles implicit in the yoga practice. Through the understanding of the principles and mastering of the skills he hopes his students will be able to realize a life that is happier, more peaceful and joyous. Mark also teaches donation based yoga philosophy classes to provide an opportunity to dive deep in to the wisdom of the yoga tradition.