Adaption of Yoga Practices for the Prenatal/Postnatal Student

Christina Perez-Martin

Friday, April 13th – Sunday, April 15th

Yoga, an experience of bringing the body, mind, and consciousness into harmony, when applied to the journey of childbirth, can inspire a woman’s connection to her innate wisdom from within. Yoga and mediation can support and strengthen a prenatal woman’s body, self-confidence, stamina, and trust in her body’s abilities to bring a new life into this world.

This 15 hour prenatal intensive is intended for teachers who aspire to adapt yoga for prenatal and postnatal students within non-prenatal yoga classes. This training will help you to understand the anatomy of the female pelvis and the physiology of the prenatal/postnatal body as it evolves through childbirth. The principles you learn in this training will prepare you to integrate safe modifications, pranayama, and meditation for prenatal students in most regular yoga classes. This intensive includes practice-teaching, feedback, and a deeper assimilation of the female pelvis and its phase of childbirth amongst a woman’s life cycle.

Course Topics

  • Physiological changes and anatomy of pregnancy, birth, and recovery
  • Body awareness approach to possibly alleviate discomfort, complications, and psychoemotional symptoms of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Fundamentals of modifying most yoga classes for prenatal and postnatal women
  • Uncomfortable movement, precautions, implementing safe modifications for common aliments
  • Functional anatomy of the female pelvis and yoga
  • Practice of prenatal yoga and pre/postnatal-safe yoga sequencing for other genres of yoga
  • Breakdown of yoga asana, hands-on assisting, and techniques for utilizing props to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and the healing postnatal body
  • Culturally sensitive approach to trauma impacted pre/postnatal students
  • Other safe or cautioned class implementations: essential oils, eye pillows, heated room, lotions, therapy balls, pressure-points, and massage

Recommended Reading

  • The Female Pelvis, Blandine Calais-Germain
  • Preparing for a Gentle Birth, Blandine Calais-Germain

About Christina Perez-Martin

Christina is a RYT-500, PRYT, and Doula. Christina is a mother of four and a yoga activist which empowers her to convey a strength and passion for life through the teachings of yoga. Originally from Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Christina was mentored under her teacher Jennifer Prugh. Christina’a decision to become a Prenatal yoga teacher and Doula in 2013; was prompted by her experience in working with prenatal teens who attended her yoga classes in San Jose Juvenile Hall. Christina has worked with at-risk youth in intervention and advocacy for over 20 years. She been with The Art of Yoga Project for the past five years and is a Site Director for both Santa Clara and Sacramento Counties providing yoga-intervention curriculum to trauma impacted, marginalized teens. Since becoming a prenatal yoga educator Christian has mentor over 1,600 prenatal students, yoga teacher trainees, and prenatal clients. Christina consults as a prenatal yoga educator for various yoga teacher trainings and serves as a doula for her prenatal students and colleagues. Christina shares different aspects of yoga activism including: Culturally sensitive approach to trauma; Yoga and Service; and Yoga Empowerment. Christina is an advocate for her students, her community and the underserved; in hopes to create a world where all worlds fit.


  • Friday, April 13th | 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, April 14th | 12:30pm – 9pm
  • Sunday, April 15th | 1:15pm – 4:45pm






(through March 26th)


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