Introduction to Feng Shui: Foundations & Application

Anna Macken

Sunday, April 15th | 1:30 – 4:30pm

Feng shui is based on this fundamental principle: environment has a direct affect on the human spirit and experience. There is continuity between place and our inner experience. Landscape, built and natural, has a direct effect on the movement of wind and water. (Feng shui literally translated is wind and water.) It has direct affect on the movement of energy or qi. Humans are affected in the same way. Our environment, guides, suggests and often mandates our movement through it. The way we move through our environment affects or thoughts and spirit. If we change our environment we can change our thoughts, and spirit.

This class is intended to give participants foundational knowledge in feng shui, and apply it to their living environments. We will explore the roots of feng shui in the context of chinese culture, as well as understanding qi in relationship to feng shui and the human experience.

Understanding feng shui is useful and applicable in modern day life. Participants will come away with a foundational understanding of feng shui and practical tools of application in their homes and spaces.

This workshop covers:

  • History, context and foundation of feng shui as a Chinese Mantic Art
  • Introduction to Chinese Cosmology
  • Introduction to form and compass schools of feng shui
  • Principles of feng shui
  • Understanding Qi movement and flow
  • Identifying and Mapping Qi flow
  • Application of Form Feng shui for the home








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