JOY of Yoga™ Flight School: Aerial Basics

Pearl Wang

Saturday October 28th | 1:30 – 4:30pm

The initial module of Flight School will introduce you to the basic structure and details you need to know to lead an aerial yoga class. In Session 1 we’ll cover a variety of postures and the Flying Lotus™ vinyasa sequence, learning along the way how to stay safe in the hammock and discovering how to manipulate the fabric. By the time you reach savasana, you will have fully embodied the practice and had the chance to observe how first time students react to some of the core postures of the practice. In Session 2 we will dive into how to teach a basic aerial yoga class. We will review the postures covered in Session 1, taking the discussion deeper into terminology, cues, and assisting students in the hammocks. We’ll talk about how to set up the classroom, how to manage students in the flight environment, and how to mitigate risks associated with the hammocks. These two sessions of Aerial Basics begin your journey into the JOY of Flight! For more information on the JOY of Yoga Flight School program, see the overview page.

Yoga Alliance Breakdown

Contact Hours
Techniques, Training, and Practice: 2
Teaching Methodology: 2
Practicum: 1
Non-Contact Hours
Techniques, Training, and Practice: 1
Total: 6 hours (5 contact hours, 1 non-contact hour)







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