Tapas Yoga

Jennifer Prugh

Friday, November 9th – Sunday, November 11th

During this 15-hour intensive held over one weekend, you will learn the benefits and basic information for practicing and teaching Hot Tapas, including the four seasonal sequences and postural modifications, pranayama, hands on assists, and effective use of language. Ayurvedic and Chinese meridian theory as it applies to yoga-asana and using props effectively.

Tapas means the steady discipline of practice as described in the first limb of the Yoga Sutras. This series of four seasonal practices was designed to change as the body responds to the seasons, while providing a steady daily practice that grows over time. Tapas is implemented in a warm room at BTY, but can also be implemented in an average room temperature.

This intensive is appropriate for those who wish to Tapas yoga, learn Tapas sequencing that can be applied to a more dynamic class (heat or no heat), or to increase your understanding and implementation of caring for your body through the seasons.

Tapas utilizes a twelve breath count and props when needed to allow for sustained holds so the body can inhabit a given posture, to lengthen the fascia and connective tissues, to release tension, enhance the immune system, draw awareness to specific internal organs, balance the nervous system, increase flexibility, and calm the mind.

The weekend consists of lectures on Ayurveda, Chinese Meridian theory, theory of fascia, including the Anatomy Trains. You will learn the four seasonal Tapas series, how to use props, including straps, walls, and blocks, and skillful use of language to create and maintain an environment that supports stability and ease.

Course Topics

  • Lecture, asana practice, discussion, and partner work with practice teaching
  • Introduction to Tapas postures and the benefits of each posture
  • How to support each posture with props
  • The art and science of sequencing for Tapas yoga, including pranayama
  • How to create a safe and supportive class setting
  • Hands on assists
  • Contraindications for a hot practice
  • Finding your count and Tapas teaching voice
  • Guidebook which will include the seasonal sequences
  • Discussion for self-care for those who teach


  • Friday, November 9th | 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, November 10th | 12:30pm – 9pm
  • Sunday, November 11th | 1:15pm – 4:45pm






(through October 22)


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