The Fundamentals of The Alexander Technique & The Melt Method

Rita Rivera

Sunday, April 8th | 1:30 – 4:30pm

Our posture tells a story. Our posture is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and holds the memory of past injuries, present repetitive motions along with emotional & physical stresses.

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is near and dear to my heart since discovering the technique in the late seventies. I was a young dancer in NYC and taking lessons in the Alexander Technique shifted my work habits and my dance technique blossomed as a result.

The understating and embodiment of the Alexander Technique offers an intelligent and comprehensive approach to body mechanics, resulting in stress relief, improved breathing and ease in postural dynamics. When one is engaged in repetitive actions, seated for long periods at the computer, or facing deadlines and other stresses, the body builds and stores this tension – and pain is the result.

A gentle and effective approach to re-pattern chronic postural discomforts and imbalances, the Alexander Technique works directly to build awareness and develop consciousness about your body and your “use” in daily activities.

We will be working seated, lying on the floor and walking.

Melt Method

Discover how the Melt Method can help re-hydrate connective tissue and allow the body to release tension. The Melt Method uses small balls – both hard and soft – along with gentle compression for specific points on the hands and feet. I will also be introducing my routine of working with a soft roller along the back and legs.

Stress that gets stuck in the body is a major cause of chronic aches and pains. Melt is a great self-treatment tool to work through stress patterns in the body. Practicing the Melt Method will assist in improving alignment, enhancing athletic performance and will keep your body feeling great at any age.






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