Transformation and Personal Growth through Meditation

Mark Tanaka

Saturday, January 20th | 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Have you been curious about meditation? Do you want to start a meditation practice but want to know more about it? Are you ready to develop clearer mind, calmer inner state, release old pain and access blissful states of being?

Meditation can be a powerful transformative practice that can add to our yoga practice. Meditation can help us train the inner skills necessary to truly move towards creating a happier and healthier life. Managing our mind, emotions and inner life is instrumental to our well being.

In this course we will explore a multicultural perspective on meditation practice and theory. In this course we will explore a well rounded and practical approach to a variety of meditation practices and a description of their functional applications in language that we can understand.

We will explore a variety of meditative traditions; Theravada Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, New Age. As well as engage in a variety of meditation practices; concentration, mindfulness, visualisations, subtle body meditations, contemplative meditations, open awareness meditations and more.

After the student completes this introductory course, they will have a basic understanding of the various categories of meditations, how to practice them and what the functional application and usefulness they may have for spiritual growth and liberating our vibrancy.

Course Topics

  • Why meditate? Meditation Theory, Goal and Method from various perspectives
  • How to apply meditation to create inner calm, resolve old pain and access blissful states.
  • The importance and power of motivation in meditation practice
  • Concentration meditations from various traditions
  • Mindfulness meditations
  • Love and Compassion Practices
  • Visualization Meditations
  • Subtle Body Meditations
  • Contemplative Meditations
  • Spiritual Awakening Meditations
  • How meditations can help with anxiety, stress and emotional challenges
  • Meditation and Spiritual Growth
  • How to start and maintain a meditation practice




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