Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep

Veronica Reis

Sunday, November 19th | 1:30pm – 4:30pm

In this workshop we will cover the factors that contribute to getting a good night’s sleep. We will also cover factors that interfere with sleeping well, including a look at the impact of stress on the nervous system, Polyvagal Theory, and sleep hygiene. About a third of the workshop will be spent in the physical practice of yoga (asana) to support winding down the nervous system and getting a good night’s sleep. We’ll also spend about 45 minutes in a practice of yogic sleep also known as Yoga Nidra. One hour of this practice is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep and has been proven to be helpful to veterans, CEOs, and Silicon Valley workers. Those who practice Yoga Nidra report they usually sleep better the night after practicing. You will leave with handouts about good sleep practices, an outline of yoga postures that support sleeping well, and a CD of a short and a long practice of Yoga Nidra so you can easily continue to practice at home.




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