Monique Wright


I took my first in-studio yoga class in 2008 and knew immediately there was some type of shift within. Since I was only looking for physical awareness, it was a welcomed surprise when I noticed spiritual awareness over anything else. This is when the connection between body and mind began. A few years later when I stumbled upon the teachings and musically charged classes of Noell Clark, this connection between body and mind now intertwined my soul. So lets be real, I didn’t stumble, it was meant for my soul to be in that class and many after.

Over the past few years I have dedicated myself to the practice of yoga on and off the mat, which transforms me. The practice of yoga allows me to feel strong, beautiful and allows me to have an undeniable connection with myself. With the classes & clients that I support, I maintain my truth: my humble and soulful heart that you cannot help but feel through voice, movement and my artistic playlists that I share. I am more than honored and grateful to those I have shared my practice with and I am excited to share my love with the community. Together we can create a mystical space for you to find your inner peace through the connection of your mind, body and soul.